• Technical, legal and tax consultancy services for both owners and buyers.

  • Professional language support.

  • Property marketing, not only on the company website and on national portals, also by sending brochures of properties for sale to potential partners and national and international clients.

  • Presentation of buildings with professional photography systems, Virtual Tour, Movies with the use of Drones, Maps and Maps.

  • Services for accurate verification of building-town planning and land registry, hypocatastal compliance, and Due Diligence.

  • Evaluation services of the most probable market price guide, RISC valutation standards and Red Book.

  • After-Sales Service, complete assistance for restructuring, structural renovation and maintenance of buildings, interior design with 3D rendering, design of gardens, green areas and pools - in collaboration with technical offices and professional designers, including artisans, installers, construction companies, interior design and furniture consultants.

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