• Technical, legal and tax advisory services for both owners and buyers.

  • Professional language support.

  • Property marketing, not only on the company website and on the national portals, also by sending the brochures of the properties for sale to our potential partners and customers in the domestic and international field.

  • Presentation of the property with professional photography systems, Virtual Tour in 3D, Filmed with the use of Drones, Maps and Mappings.

  • Services of accurate verification of the conformity of the urban and cadastral buildings, hypothec, included in the Technical and Environmental Due Diligence, Due Diligenge of Asset Hotel, Two Fiscal Diligenge, Two Financial Diligge.

  • Professional Real Estate Assessment services according to international and national assessment standards IVS, EVS, RICS Red Book, and according to the UNI-EN standards for certain categories of corporate real estate.

  • After-sales service, comprehensive assistance for renovation, structural renovation and maintenance of buildings, interior design with 3D rendering, design of gardens, green spaces and swimming pools, including demand of craftsmen, planners, construction companies, consultants in interior design and interior decoration.

  • Professional contracting, rent contracts for residential, tourist, forestry and registered commercial purposes.

  • Contracting and Professional Counselling, Original Rent To Buy Contracts, Rent to Buy with Ransom or Buy To Rent, Domain Reservation Contractions.

  • Catastrophic Consultancy - Divisions of Property - Declarations of Succession - Donations - Volture - Deposits - Topographic Reliefs

  • Urban Consulting - Building - Landscape - Building Condos - Preventive renovation of buildings All the services listed above are paid, while the most likely market value assessments of the properties on sale is a Free service.

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